Aalborg Theatre.

Martin Ringsmose is Cyrano in this romantic drama about the most famous ghostwriter in love history.

Actors: Martin Ringsmose, Bolette Nørregaard Bang, Ferdinan Falsen Hiis, Stanley Bakar, Christian Gade Bjerrum,                     Jørgen W. Larsen, Lars Topp Thomsen, Sebastian Henry Aagaard-Williams.

Director: Yuri Butusov

Scenography: Alexander Shishkin


Cyrano 43

Cyrano 168

Cyrano 195

Cyrano 128

Cyrano 19

Cyrano 202

Cyrano 94

Cyrano 199

Cyrano 146

Cyrano 103

Cyrano 219


Richard III

Aalborg Theatre
Photos from William Shakespeares tragedy, Richard III
Jens Albinus convincingly plays Richard III who decides he wants to conquer the throne of England.

Director: Therese Willsted
Scenography: Etienne Pluss



“Greenhouse” is a project I have been working on for a while now, but only in my head. I have always wanted to photograph them, but never got around to it.
I have always been fascinated by light, and here you have these glasshouses that are barely visible at day, but very easy to spot at night.
Driving around at night I was drawn towards the bright skies created by these greenhouses. So I set out to find and photograph them.

Photos from “Greenhouse” will be exhibited at gallery VÆG, Aalborg, Denmark from April 17th to May 16th 2015





Seekings, a web and homepage development company, wanted a new way of presenting their employees.
This is a sample of how we choose to present every one.


Aalborg Theatre

Cock&BullCock & Bull is British drama at its best. 2 separate stories about inforcement of power in the bedroom and at work.
Brilliantly played by Laura Kold, Henrik Weel, Sigurd Holmen le Dous and Martin Bo Lindsten.

Director: Robert Chevara

Cock&Bull Intro

Cock&Bull 1982

Cock&Bull 1896

Cock&Bull 1459

Cock&Bull 967